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Telephone Banking

Registration User Guide


7 Steps to Register

To register for Telephone Banking, call our new toll-free number and follow the 7 steps below. Please have your member number and current Telephone Banking PIN ready. If you do not know your PIN, please call our Connection Center at 248.735.9500 during business hours for assistance.

  1. Call 1.844.4VIBECU (1.844.484.2328) and press the star(*) key.
    Note: Do not press the pound(#) key unless specified. If you experience any difficulties during registration, you will be transferred to our Connection Center during business hours.

  2. Enter your Member Number which is now your User ID.
  3. Enter your Telephone Banking PIN code.
  4. Enter the Phone Numbers (mobile, home, or work) that you will most frequently call from to access Telephone Banking. International phone numbers may also be used.
    Note: After registration, a challenge question will be asked only when calling from a non-registered phone number.
  5. Select 3 Challenge Questions from the list below. Have your answers available when registering. Each Challenge Question may only be used once, and the list will repeat until you have selected 3 Challenge Questions.

1) What is your oldest sibling’s birthdate? Enter as MMDDYYYY, ex: 08121960

2) What is your youngest sibling’s birthdate? Enter as MMDDYYYY, ex: 08121967

3) Number of grandchildren you have?

4) What was the last four digits of your childhood phone number?

5) How old were you on your first date?

6) Number of pets before you were 10?

7) What is the numeric street address of your childhood home?

8) Number of schools you attended?

9) What is your anniversary date?

  1. Create a Personalized Message which is an audible site key. The Personalized Message is a word or phrase; you can either choose from the generic list or create your own. This additional level of security minimizes the risk of fraud. 
  2. Change your PIN to access the new Telephone Banking System. You will enter a new PIN code (minimum of 4 and maximum of 10), and then you must reenter it for quality control.

You have now successfully registered and are able to use Telephone Banking.

Session Timeout
Once logged in, the Telephone Banking session lasts a maximum of 20 minutes, regardless of activity conducted. If the call is dormant for 2 minutes straight, the session is disconnected.

Learn more about the Features & Functions of Telephone Banking.

Rates That Rock!

We offer rates as low as:

New/Used Auto2.74% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Boat/RV Loans2.74% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Personal Loans8.24% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Visa(sup)(/sup) Platinum11.25% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
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