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Loyal members with a mortgage can receive an additional 0.25% rate discount*.


New and Used Vehicle LoansAPR as low asTerm
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/auto-loans')2013-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)2.79%*1-24 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/auto-loans')2013-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)2.99%*25-36 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/auto-loans')2013-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)3.24%*37-48 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/auto-loans')2013-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)3.49%*49-66 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/auto-loans')2013-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)4.24%*67-84 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/auto-loans')2010-2012 Model Years(%tr%/a)3.94%*1-60 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/auto-loans')2010-2012 Model Years(%tr%/a)4.24%*61-72 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/auto-loans')2009 and Older Model Years(%tr%/a)5.24%*1-60 Months
New and Used RV, Motor Homes, Boats, Campers, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Personal Watercrafts, and Travel TrailersAPR as low asTerm
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/recreational-vehicle-loans')2010-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)3.74%*1-60 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/recreational-vehicle-loans')2010-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)3.99%*61-84 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/recreational-vehicle-loans')2010-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)4.59%*85-120 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/recreational-vehicle-loans')2010-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)4.99%*121-144 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/recreational-vehicle-loans')2010-2019 Model Years(%tr%/a)5.19%*145-180 Months
Credit Card LoansAPR as low asTerm
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/compare-credit-cards')Visa Platinum(%tr%/a)11.25%**n/a
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/compare-credit-cards')Visa Platinum Preferred(%tr%/a)13.25%**n/a
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/compare-credit-cards')FU$E11.25%**n/a
Personal LoansAPR as low asTerm
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/personal-loans')Credit Builder (Fixed-Rate)(%tr%/a)9.99%12 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/personal-loans')Personal Line of Credit(%tr%/a)12.25%n/a
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/personal-loans')Personal Term Loan(%tr%/a)5.99%*1-12 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/personal-loans')Personal Term Loan(%tr%/a)6.49%*13-24 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/personal-loans')Personal Term Loan(%tr%/a)6.99%*25-48 Months
(%tr%a href='/home/loans/personal-loans')Personal Term Loan(%tr%/a)7.49%*49-60 Months

Rates effective as of November 26, 2018. All rates are based on individual credit history and subject to change without notice. New members must qualify for membership and deposit $5 into a Vibe Savings account.

*Quoted rates include a 0.25% member loyalty rate discount when direct deposit and auto pay are set up to cover the full payment amount of all Vibe loans. Members can receive an additional 0.25% member loyalty rate discount off the stated rate by having a mortgage and/or home equity fixed term loan with a balance of $25,000 or greater. A processing charge of $200 may apply if a refinance of an existing Vibe loan is permitted.

**The APR is a variable rate tied to the Prime Rate. If the Prime Rate changes, the APR will change.

Rates That Rock!

We offer rates as low as:

New/Used Auto2.79% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Boat/RV Loans3.74% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Personal Loans5.99% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Visa(sup)(/sup) Platinum11.25% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
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EHO - We do business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
NCUA - Your savings is federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.
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