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At Vibe Credit Union, we don't answer to shareholders and their constant demand for profit. When you bank here, you automatically become an owner. Because we are not-for-profit, our rates average 1 to 2% better* than the rates of banks. Often, the difference is even greater which pays off with more money in your pocket.

To illustrate what this difference can mean to you, we compare how a bank and a credit union would finance a 60-month new car loan.

  Loan Amount Bank** Credit Union**
New Car Loan
$28,000 4.75% 2.91%
Total Interest Paid at a Bank = $3,506.11
Total Interest Paid at a Credit Union = $2,117.10
Interest Saved Over the Life of the Loan = $1,389.01

Could you use an additional $1,389?

Of course you could! The choice is obvious: Vibe is the financial institution for you. The savings, however, don't stop with car loans. Imagine how quickly the interest savings can add up when you finance your home and personal loans, and credit cards at Vibe. It could represent thousands of dollars per year.


* SNL Financial, Inc. analysis of bank vs. credit union rates from December 2017. Quarterly data can be accessed here.

** Bank and Credit Union example rates are based on national averages as reported by SNL Financial, Inc. from December 2017 data. These rates are provided for comparison purposes. For actual Vibe Credit Union lending rates, please visit our rates page.

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Rates That Rock!

We offer rates as low as:

New/Used Auto2.74% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Boat/RV Loans2.74% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Personal Loans8.24% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
Visa(sup)(/sup) Platinum11.25% (%tr%span class='xsmall')APR*(%tr%/span)
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EHO - We do business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
NCUA - Your savings is federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.
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